What to look for in your first mountain bike

New to the mountain? This is what you should look for in your first mountain bike.

Having been asked by a few friends now what they should look for in a mountain bike, it made me think. Where does one start? How much should they spend? What is going to be the best bang for buck? And what if it’s just not for them?

I guess it really comes down to three things initially. What style of riding do they want to do? How serious are they? And what their budget is?

Honestly, you could go a few ways. However, let’s say this individual has only ever really ridden around the streets and lakes and never really done much off-road. They want to ride some cross country single track, fire trails and has a budget of about 2k. I know that sounds like a lot, and honestly, it will come down to how often you plan on riding it.  If you are serious, spending less than that will have you looking to upgrade in 6 to 12  months.

My opinion? Start with a 29er, front suspension hardtail mountain bike. So what is it?

A front suspension hardtail mountain bike is a bike that has suspension up front helping absorb impacts from the front wheel. A hardtail is exactly that, meaning it has no rear suspension to absorb impacts from the rear wheel. 29er is wheel size, 29 inches being the diameter.

Why a 29er front suspension hardtail?

29er’s are a great all rounder, they are well balanced, stable, you get the advantage of a greater rolling speed, and bigger wheels roll over obstacles easier. The front suspension will help make for a smoother ride and absorb some of those impacts. And all in all, this is for someone who is a beginner wanting to get out on the mountain to have some fun.

The last thing you want is to buy a bike, that feels like it’s hard to climb so you are forever hating life. You want a bike that is fun to ride up and fun to take back down.

Enjoy the ride.

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